Recycled Wood Display - Country Collection 8oz set

Recycled wood display, hand made from pallets, holds 30 of our 8oz country collection jelly jar soy candles. Great starter set!
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Delivery date: 3-5 days

This set up contains 36 of our 8oz country collection jelly jar soycandles of your choice (or we will mix you a set of great selling fragerances) at $5.95 wholesale, along with the recycled wood display at $69.95 wholesale, and a $15.00 box, pack, and set up charge, and FREE SHIPPING. This is a great starter pack.

Clearwater Candle Company is partnering with Opportunities Unlimited, Inc. ( to bring you beautiful handmade displays for Clearwater Candle Company candles and tarts. This unit presents up to 30 or our 8oz country collection jelly jar soy candles (36 will be shipped) in the center as well as tarts on the side and top if you prefer. If your business does not already have a way to display our candles, this solid-wood case has great visual appeal and does not take up much counter space.

By choosing these displays, you are supporting sustainability and increasing independence for individuals with special needs. Each unique unit is constructed by special needs employees at Opportunities Unlimited using refurbished wood from recycled pallets sourced locally.

Clearwater Candle Company has purchased wooden display cases in advance directly from Opportunities Unlimited, Inc. in order to sell them to retailers at low wholesale prices. We strive to keep all of our products all natural, handmade, and recycled.